Sunday, October 9, 2011

39. NYC Trips

Probably stating the obvious here, but there are many, many reasons why I love Yale. Lately, I have been taking happy advantage of how close it is to New York, hittin' up the Metro-Noth train ride that goes right to Grand Central. I've been twice just this week!
I went into NYC on Wednesday to be a background extra in CSI:NY, or "college type #47" as my check-in identification put it.  Here are some quick, sneaky Blackberry pics since I figured my big cam wouldn't be so subtle O:)
 It was a long day from 7AM-6:30PM, but so. much. fun...and I even got paid for it! My job was to walk back and forth a few times in the background while the main actors did their thang. We started on a street corner near Astor Place then relocated to Washington Square Park after a quick lunch and an outfit change. I met a bunch of really interesting people and it was just the most exciting feeling to be on a real set! I think I heard someone say we were filming episode 7 of the current season, to come out in early November. Not 100% sure, but if you're a CSI:NY watcher, then look out for meee!!!

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