Sunday, September 30, 2012

211. Empire of the Sun

Super. excited. about this post ! We just started working on portraits in my digital photography class and it has been the best excuse to ask people if I can take their picture (always a nerve-racking thing for some reason) and check out fun new places I've always wanted to go to! 

So on Thursday I took my friends Hannah and Lindsay to Lighthouse Point Park (about 15 minutes from school) and we were in sandy-sunset-beachy HEAVEN. Crazy amazing lighting/sunset and we somehow managed to have the whole beach to ourselves. Biggest thanks to Han and Linds for letting me dress you up, bring you off campus, and take (..756.heh.) photos of you beauties!! I had the best time--truly one of my favorite things to do ever :)

Also, I need to get more portraits of boys.. so boys: hay

Thursday, September 27, 2012

210. Montezuma

These early fall days are some of my favorite of the entire year--when summer starts to slip just out of reach, but still keeps quietly in the cooler air.


Lemonade popsicles in bed - Cozy sweaters & denim shorts - Fork in the road next to home - Sunset stars & lens flare - Mom in the backyard garden - Soft light, thin curtains - Memories of old schools -  Make-believe forest myths - Afternoon car rides anywhere - Warm summer yellows, cool fall blues

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

209. Fireflies on the Water

Hello! Sorry it's been a while, I had a weekend filled with lots of pics so now I'm just behind on posts! Saturday was such a refreshing, busy day--I went into New York City and saw so many of my favorite people. I had brunch with my sister Kel at the Whitney Museum in the morning, met up with my friend MARC afterwards who I hadn't seen in WAY too long for lunch, and then met my friend Andie who I ALSO hadn't seen in forever for coffee! Such amazing, creative, talented people--look out for them! 

Then finally I met back up with Kel at the Whitney to go to our time slot for Yayoi Kusama's Fireflies on the Water exhibit. The exhibit is a small dark room with mirrors on all sides, a shallow pool on the ground, and lots of small, multi-colored lights hanging from the ceiling. All together, these elements are meant to create a seemingly infinite, alternate space. The best part about the exhibit is that you get a ticket for a 1 minute time slot so you can go into the room completely ALONE for 60 seconds!! The exhibit was incredible, but I am big time regretting not bringing my phone in with me and sneaking some quick pictures :/ .....alksdjf!! Seriously considering going back, getting another ticket, and waiting in line again just to get those pics..............,,.O_o.......!!... anyways, it closes October 28th, so read more about it here and go see it if you have time and you're in New York!

(Here is a picture of Yayoi Kusama herself inside the space! via