Saturday, December 31, 2011

73. Eloise

Room service dessert, hotel hide & seek, barefoot wanderlust 

*p.s. - lots of overdue photo cred to my amazing bro BAB!!<3

Thursday, December 29, 2011

72. Eiffel Tower

After spending the morning in Versailles, we went back to the hotel to recoup, get some lunch, and do a mandatory Eiffel Tower tourist trip!

Also, we HAD to redo this ah-mazing pic:

71. Fools Rush In

Today, I actually had a little bit of my ultimate dream come true. We went to Versailles twenty minutes before it opened (the sun was literally still rising) and after getting pretty cold standing in line, we were the first people to go in! We sped through lots of rooms while it still wasn't very crowded to get to the Hall of Mirrors. There were a couple tour groups ahead of us as we were walking so I was getting a little nervous, but once we turned the corner we saw a COMPLETELY EMPTY Hall of Mirrors!!!!..!! Obviously FREAKED out and started frolicking around/demanding pics from bab immediately and just could not get over how we were standing in the Hall of Mirrors completely alone..! Definitely the closest I will ever get to living my Marie Antoinette fantasy<3333

Also, listened to this all day for a happy twist on the Marie Antoinette soundtrack ;)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

70. Day One

Made it to PARIS! Still can't believe how lucky I am to be back here. We had a busy first day and got lots of fun things in--breakfast at Angelina's, wandered the Tuileries, toured the Louvre, pics at Palais Royal, Monets at l'Orangerie, profiteroles at dinner!

Also, I already took 563 pictures today....NOT OKAY! my computer HATES me!!!! No space left on my hard drive aahhh. Going to be a challenge getting through the next few days...but whatevz on to my favorite place in the world VERSAILLES tomorrow!!<33333333