Thursday, December 6, 2012

247. Andreuccio da Perugia

Ha OKAY, so this post is a little different than my usual ones, but it's still pretty gr8. So for my Italian class we had to make a final video project on Boccaccio's "Andreuccio da Perugia" (which is apparently an assignment that lots of Intro Italian classes have to do)--so we had a lot of fun with it and I definitely had WAY too much fun editing weird/dramatic sound effects into it and pretending like I knew what I was saying the whole time... O;) So anyways, if anyone is interested at ALL, here's it is. CIAO! :D

And, at the very least, me (attempting) to speak Italian is always a never-ending source of lols that my class and fam can attest to :P

(Here's a basic (ridiculous) storyline since there are no subtitles: Man comes to Napoli to buy horses, lady sees that he has a lot of money so pretends to be his long lost sister and brings him back to her house only to lock him out and steal his money after he falls into a hole that people use for the bathroom (?!!). Then he runs into two bad guys who who make him wash off in a well then go to a tomb and try to steal a ruby. He ends up going into the well and finding the ruby but keeps it for himself and then goes back to his home. END!)


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