Friday, February 22, 2013

289. Home

Here is my latest set of photographs for the YDN Weekend! These are some of my very favorite photos, so I'm really excited to have them on the website. Home is such a charged place and the best spot for making any kind of art--photographs, paintings, poems etc. (I've put a bunch of these on my blog already, so they might look familiar to some of you :P)

"Sometimes I think the only memories I have are those that I've created around photographs of me as a child. Maybe I'm creating my own life. I distrust any memories I do have. They may be fictions, too."
-Sally Mann (scary amazing quote)


  1. That chandelier photo is one of my favourites of yours! These photos have me missing/looking forward to summer :').

    Also SO THRILLED I got a Photojenic shoutoutttt! :D Thankx gurl <33333

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