Saturday, May 11, 2013

317. Gatsby

Went to a Gatsby party at the Princeton Club last night with my sister--now I just have to see the movie!!


  1. oh my god, the pictures with the gold sequin backdrop are STUNNING. x

  2. YES!!!! I saw the movie and it. was. epic. One of my favorite books and I'm so glad I have this movie inetrpretation now! You must check out the soundtrack if you haven't already! The most amazing artists all together for this movie! The pictures are so roaring 20's by the way!! And is that a Rothko in the 5th picture?!?!?!
    xoxo Vanilla

  3. **cat heart-eyed emojjjj** U SEW FAB GURL!!!!! the film was amazing, carey mulligan is just sooo perfect.