Sunday, June 23, 2013

331. Rock On, Gold Dust Woman

!!! I went to a Fleetwood Mac concert at Jones Beach last night with my mom and my sister and it was just the BEST concert I have ever been to - seeing Stevie Nicks twirl on stage in her sparkling shawls and play her accessorized tambourine and watching Lindsey Buckingham pick at his different guitars like a mad man and seeing Mick Fleetwood center stage on his drums-throne was all just so incredible, and all while outside with a mystical breeze and a giant full moon in the sky. IT WAS AMAZING. And I obviously was in heaven channeling Stevie in my flowy Wildfox ;) No pics can do it justice, but here ya go! 

And here is the mesmerizing song that they ended with (during the SECOND encore!) which I had never heard before, but instantly fell in love with. As Stevie said at the end of the concert, "I feel like we've just experienced a lifetime."


  1. SO FREAKIN JEALOUS! I couldn't find anyone to go with me to the Detroit show... forever cryin' about it. Lindsay is so talented, it's unbelievable, I love just watching Youtube videos of him playing, he's insane! And speaking of Fleetwood Mac, I finally got around to reading Making Rumours after you suggested it. It's suchhh a great inside look- had no clue Ken Caillat was Colbie's dad. Have you watched Stevie's Oprah's Next Chapter interview? I think it's on Youtube, CHECK IT OUT, GURRR'! :)

    1. SO glad you read the book!! I had no idea he was Colbie's dad either! So funny. And I havent seen the Oprah interview yet actually, I'm going to go check it out now, thanks!!