Friday, July 26, 2013

342. Two Years Old!

 Happy 2ND BIRTHDAY, blog!!!!!! 

Can't even believe that as of today I've been keeping up this blog for two whole years now!! So crazy! Definitely went ahead and had a little chocolate celebration while looking out over Shinjuku ;) 

Thank you so much to anyone who checks in here regularly or just every so often. I absolutely love putting posts together and coming up with new ways to share my photos, adventures, songs, and inspirations with you all. My secret hope is to, in any small way, inspire others the way that others inspire me!

And, as cheesy as it sounds, running this blog really does motivate me to go out into the world, take pictures, stay curious, and experience all that I can. I am so happy to have this as a collection of some amazing memories that I will always be able to look back on! :)


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