Tuesday, December 3, 2013

395. Water

Remember? We sat on a slab of rock.
From this distance in time
it seems the color
of iris, rotting and turning purpler,

but it was only 
the usual gray rock
turning the usual green
when drenched by the sea.

The sea drenched the rock
at our feet all day,
and kept tearing away
flake after flake.

One night you dreamed
you were a mermaid clinging to a wharf-pile,
and trying to pull
off the barnacles with your hands.

We wished our two souls
might return like gulls
to the rock. In the end,
the water was too cold for us.

-excerpt from Robert Lowell's "Water"


  1. I have included you in my most recent blog post. Hope you don't mind I have included a link to your blog. If you want me to remove it just let me know.

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    1. Thank you so much Sian!! Just checked out your blog and I love it, thanks again for the shout out! xo