Sunday, September 4, 2011

30. Swim Caps

Hi hello! 
I've been so busy back at school that my posts have been suriously slacking...but anyway! I just saw the video that I roped a bunch of my friends into last spring (again, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST) that Victoria Hely-Hutchinson of Yale's Graduate Photography program put together. Her effortlessly cool aesthetic is inspired by her experience at an English boarding school. I think the "About" section on her website proves her cool-factor way better than I can:

So this video was inspired by a game she and her friends used to play with their swim caps in the pool. I had NO idea that a swim cap could stretch out like that and definitely never thought it could get big enough for a person to jump into! After many torn swim caps and hours in the (fReeEzing) water, here's the final outcome! Some screen shots...

There's something very effective about the gentle atmosphere in the video. And I love the moment at the end when the cap breaks because it is our 100% natural reactions, it was the very first take we did!

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