Friday, September 30, 2011

36. Single Scoop Delight

SoOo...if you're not going to Tiger at the Gates tonight, you should definitely go to the opening of the HappyHap "Perspectives of Happiness" Photo Exhibition instead! 

HappyHap is a Yale student organization founded by Sunnie Tรถlle in 2008.  The organization created, a website where you can post a few lines, photos, or videos of a happy moment to share it with others based on the idea that happiness is contagious. The HappyHap team put together a photography contest this fall to collect photographs that captured different perspectives of happiness. I submitted a few photos and ended up winning first place(!) for my picture of a little boy eating (and wearing) vanilla ice cream. 

I took the photo in Paris during a 4-week black & white film photography course through Parsons a few summers ago. I'm so thrilled that my photo was selected, and now it will be shown in small exhibitions at Yale residential colleges until April when it will be in a 5-day outdoor exhibition on Cross Campus! 

So the opening of the exhibition is tonight at 7 in Silliman, and I unfortunately can't go since I am in "Tiger at the Gates" at the same time :( but if anyone is free and on campus, go and tell me how it was!!!

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