Thursday, February 23, 2012

101. The Thing that You Do

Feeling wanderlusty. Dreaming of springtime NYC!
Some pictures from various nyc moments and memories...


  1. i know this isn't on the right post but i absolutely love your blog, like i literally check it every second (yes i have it saved on a tab on the grey bar-thingy) BUT i watched Lolita the other day and i adore it, obsessed with Dominigue Swain now too, everything about that movie is pure genius.
    have you seen the movie Lords of Dogtown? I don't know why but I feel like you would love it, Its one of my all time favorite movies. besides Almost Famous of course. Keep posting, you rock!

    1. SO EXCITED that you watched and loved lolita!! that makes me so happy :D and I actually havent seen lords of dogtown yet so i will definitely have to watch it now, thanks! and thank you so much for following my blog!!