Monday, February 6, 2012

92. Gossip at the Met

Soo, today I might've skipped my classes and gone into be an extra in Gossip Girl! I was one of the Constance Prep School Girls and we had the colored tights, jeweled headbands, and bright pea coats just as you would expect! I was wearing a red coat, yellow tights, and this crazy bow-necktie thing. They were super strict about us not taking pictures on set, so I just finagled my way around google and already found some pictures that paparazzi took from across the street! I don't want to put too many up, so check out the website for more. I'm not sure when the episode comes out, but be on the lookout for it! 
xoxo, GG

*Pictures from this website, NOT ME: 


  1. woowowowow you're so lucky!! ((:

  2. wait that's so cool! How did you get to be an extra?!