Sunday, September 30, 2012

211. Empire of the Sun

Super. excited. about this post ! We just started working on portraits in my digital photography class and it has been the best excuse to ask people if I can take their picture (always a nerve-racking thing for some reason) and check out fun new places I've always wanted to go to! 

So on Thursday I took my friends Hannah and Lindsay to Lighthouse Point Park (about 15 minutes from school) and we were in sandy-sunset-beachy HEAVEN. Crazy amazing lighting/sunset and we somehow managed to have the whole beach to ourselves. Biggest thanks to Han and Linds for letting me dress you up, bring you off campus, and take (..756.heh.) photos of you beauties!! I had the best time--truly one of my favorite things to do ever :)

Also, I need to get more portraits of boys.. so boys: hay


  1. These are UNREAL!!!!! Some of the best I've seen from you, everything is soooo perfect!