Thursday, September 27, 2012

210. Montezuma

These early fall days are some of my favorite of the entire year--when summer starts to slip just out of reach, but still keeps quietly in the cooler air.


Lemonade popsicles in bed - Cozy sweaters & denim shorts - Fork in the road next to home - Sunset stars & lens flare - Mom in the backyard garden - Soft light, thin curtains - Memories of old schools -  Make-believe forest myths - Afternoon car rides anywhere - Warm summer yellows, cool fall blues

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  1. hey! I love fleet foxes! I had no idea you listened to them too! have you heard white winter hymnal? its a bit early for that song but I always have to listen to it in the winter! these are amazing! are all of them digital because I adore the editing and it looks like film!! especially the last picture! how is that even possible?! working on my first official abstract painting! photos to come! hope youre doing great! xoxo vanilla