Friday, August 5, 2011

20. Hong Kong Garden

Even on a rainy day, Versailles is magical and wonderful and mah fav place ever. Really though, I think it is my favorite place in the world and it is my ultimate dream to be there alone without any other people and just wander/take pics. In a fancy dress. O:D

It started to rain maybe 45 mins after we got to Versailles, so after walking through the chateau we didn't have very long in the gardens with the sun. I didn't get as many pictures as I would've liked then, but I still got some!

And, for fun sentimental value, I re-did the picture I took four summers ago that was in Seventeen magazine way back when--somehow managed to get people-free backgrounds both times!


  1. Oh these pictures are lovely, I went to Versailles about fifteen years ago but we only saw the gardens. I'm hoping to go there again next year

  2. LOVELY photographs...

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  3. These are amazing!
    What kind of camera and settings do you use?


  4. Exquisite photos!