Friday, December 2, 2011

58. The Seagull

Soo, after some spontaneous e-mailing and a quick audition, I found out today that I am going to play the Cook in the Yale School of Drama's production of Anton Chekhov's The Seagull..!!!! I am so so so excited and feel so lucky for the opportunity to learn from some really talented people! The play itself sounds incredible, here are two quick descriptions of it that I've found and liked:

What is art? What is celebrity? And what does it mean to be a genuinely successful artist? In The Seagull, Anton Chekhov grapples with these crucial questions with both biting wit and genuine pathos. On a seemingly idyllic country estate, the famous actress Irina Arkadina and her idiosyncratic group of family and friends struggle to dissect the true nature of artistic creation but fail to find easy answers.

Nina wants to be an actress. Aspiring playwright Konstantin wants to revolutionize theatre. As they put on their first play by a Russian lake, the audience is unreceptive, to say the least: Konstantin's mother, the famous actress Arkadina, laughs. Her lover, a celebrated writer, falls asleep. Indeed, in Chekhov's profound comedy, years of petty squabbles and thwarted love affairs breed miserable hilarity in the countryside: lovers and artists alike struggle with memory, forgetting, and moving on. 

Artistry! Idyllic estates! Love affairs! Memory! So many great things!! 
The main characters are obvi going to be all grad students, but another undergrad and I are joining in for the minor roles of the Cook and the Workman. And the director Alexandru Mihail, has some really fun and unique ideas for our parts!

 Also, as I was researching more about The Seagull, I found out that Carey Mulligan (<333333) played Nina, the ingenue and aspiring actress, a few years ago and was so enamored with the part that it helped her land her a challenging role in the upcoming movie Shame by discussing it with the movie's director and even tattooing a small seagull on her wrist to always remind her of Nina. Here's the article that will definitely explain the situation much more clearly than I just did haha

So that's that! Rehearsals start next week and the show goes up Jan 24-28, you can buy tickets now if you'll be in the New Haven area then and want to come! :D


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