Sunday, December 11, 2011

60. Reading Week...

...or, in my case, critiques/auditions/formals/essays/rehearsals week! The week we have "off" to study for exams always turns out to be much more chaotic than expected. So, on that note, this post will be equally chaotic. Lots of miscellaneous things I have neglected to report!

 1. Thing one is a dream. come. true.....I got cast as PIKACHU in a Pokemon musical going up in the spring!!!! Going to be an insane cast and crew and the show is going to be SO FUN. I can't wait to go on break and have the best excuse ever to watch all the old episodes again. Pika pi!

2.  Thing two is also super exciting, I am going to be in the first English-translated version of Machiavelli's Italian play, "The Girl from Andros"! Don't know much about the play itself since we haven't gotten the translated script yet, but I like it already from the audition sides!

3. Number three: As I was writing my final essay for my film class, I came across these old pictures of Jodie Foster. I love how she looks at this age, so pretty!

4. Number four. Discovered the song "Islands" by the great great band Young the Giant and been listening to it nonnnstopppp all week. Make sure to listen to all of their other open session songs on youtube (especially "Strings" and "Cough Syrup") because they are sooo good, so much better live!

5. Five is for formal, yay!

6. Six is for The Seagull--rehearsals so far have been soso exciting, I can't get over how nice and welcoming everyone is. At the first meet & greet we got to see the design concepts for the show and I couldn't help sneaking a few pictures of the beautiful costume designs with my phone. You might not be able to tell from the picture, but my character ("The Cook") was labeled "Cooky" for some awesome unknown reason, so now my nickname at rehearsals has become Cooky :D

7. Aaannnd lucky seven is for this lol pic. Cheerz to the end of reading week!!

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