Wednesday, December 28, 2011

70. Day One

Made it to PARIS! Still can't believe how lucky I am to be back here. We had a busy first day and got lots of fun things in--breakfast at Angelina's, wandered the Tuileries, toured the Louvre, pics at Palais Royal, Monets at l'Orangerie, profiteroles at dinner!

Also, I already took 563 pictures today....NOT OKAY! my computer HATES me!!!! No space left on my hard drive aahhh. Going to be a challenge getting through the next few days...but whatevz on to my favorite place in the world VERSAILLES tomorrow!!<33333333


  1. found you on lookbook, I had to follow your awe-inspiring blog straight away! your photos are gorgeous and so are you. love the proportions with the cropped bustier and the long red pants! :D

  2. Fabulous photos! Your sense of style is really great! :))