Wednesday, July 4, 2012

168. Fourth of July

HePPy 4Th of JULYYY. Clearly having a party in the library today. Who makes an exam at 9am on July 5th?! So. Mean. 

Anyway, while I'm gettin' primal with the hominids over here, I hope everyone else is having a great holiday!! The fam is sending me lots of love from Nantucket :) Here are some pics from past 4th of Julys that were a little more exciting than this one!

 (Last year I was in Paris for the 4th of July so we went to "Harry's New York Bar" to try and find some Amurican camaraderie!)
(Aaand while this one's not technically from the 4th of July, it's still too good to pass up :P)

Happy 4th!
 ★ ★ 

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