Friday, July 20, 2012

175. Wild Child

"A wild thing may say wild things." 

We are studying Arthur Miller's The Crucible in Text Analysis for my acting program and mid all the serious Puritanism and witch-hunting, Abigail has this one awesome line: "A wild thing may say wild things." I lurved it<33! It just seems light years cooler and more modern than any other line in the play. So I thought I would share :P

 Happy WEEKEND, wild things!


  1. hey jen!
    firstly, LOVE your taste in music! so glad I've found majestic casual's channel on youtube! saw some ellie goulding there and now I've got their channel bookmarked! you should see the '96 movie version of "The Crucible"! Arthur Miller even wrote the screenplay for it!
    Hope your having an awesome summer!

    1. isnt majestic casual the best?! i just found it recently too and i'm obsessed!! we just had a screening of the movie version of the crucible last night actually! i loved it, the end just killled meeeee !! ooh and did you get my latest email?? i couldnt tell if it went through or not because my internet has been funky recently..anyway hope your summer is great too!! xo