Tuesday, July 31, 2012

181. Florence & Siena

Here is a little photo-trip back in time to two summers ago when my family went to Florence and Siena--such a fun and beautiful vacation! :D


  1. This. Is. Ridiculously. AMAZING! How does one person have SO MUCH TALENT?! This is insane!!!!!!! This needs to be in a national geographic / traveling / fashion magazine!!!!! The colors! The light!!! Oh the light!!!! And you are sooooo good at posing by the way!I really suck at the mysterious glance at the camera! haha wow! These are incredible! Wow! You've done so much! Ooh, hey did you get my latest e-mail? Btw, I'm trying to do a photo op like outdoors...my first, really. most of mine have all been indoors, with a large window but I'm trying outdoors soon! schools about to start so this is really my last chance so expect new photos soon!

  2. Y'all are such an incredible family.