Wednesday, January 2, 2013

265. Le Grand New Years Eve

Happy happy NEW YEAR!! :D Like I mentioned in my quick earlier post, the fam was lucky enough to spend New Years Eve all together at Le Grand Bal in Vienna and it was such a dream come true -- tuxedos & gowns, sparkling chandeliers, fireworks over City Hall, chocolate treats, Viennese debutantes, and passing on the Waltz for barefoot dancing to big-band music instead ;)

So, so thankful - wishing everyone the best in 2013!!

(After dancing to/belting out this song at midnight, I can say without a doubt that it is the greatest song ever)

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  1. incredible photography as usual of course!!! i mean how come every single photograph has perfect composition?! haha and you have exquisite envious of the jewelry!
    xoxo Vanilla