Friday, January 4, 2013

266. Year in Review

Was looking through old posts earlier and thought it might be a fun idea to do a post of highlights/memories from 2012 before I dive into here it is! 2012 in review! :D

 January - Yale School of Drama's The Seagull

February - 20th birthday

February - Gossip Girl Episode

 March - Family Palm Beach

April - Pokemon: The Mew-sical

 April - The Girl From Andros

May - Kelly's Yale Graduation

May - Jack's DA graduation 

 June - NYC days

June - NYC nights

June - Governor's Ball

June - Swedish Midsummer Festival

July - Yale Summer Conservatory for Actors

 July - Blog's first birthday

August - Austrian Getaway

August - Fam date at the Met

September - Beginning of Junior Year

 September - Lighthouse Point Pics

October - NYC brunches with Kel

October - Magical Creatures Halloween

October - Gwen's Great Gatsby

October - Buenos Aires with the Murb

November - YDN Photo Blog

November - AP-ing The Drowsy Chaperone

November - The Game

November - Boston Thanksgiving

December - All together again

December - Vienna New Years

(It was REALLY hard not to put exclamation points at the end of all of these...... so I'll do one big round for all of them here instead ;): !!!!!!!!)

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