Monday, January 21, 2013

275. I Get Ideas

Silly times with silly peeps ;P


  1. All of these are film photographs, right? Pretty much in love! How are you so so so talented?!!!
    Ooh nice title, that was the latest episode of Girls I watched!
    So as per usual, you are perfect and amazing and talented and yet so humble! Best role model ever.
    I love how you don't just explore one favorite aspect of photography but you do it all!
    Digital, film, editing, developing, blogging, painting, fashion, music...its so culturally enlightening!
    I've learned of so many new things that I love today from you so thank you.
    Truly an inspiration to everyone!
    Xoxo Vanilla

    1. Wow, thank you vanilla!! Yup you got it again, they're all from a disposable camera I used over the weekend :P thanks again for the comment! xo