Monday, September 9, 2013

352. Updates

Say hi to my NEW CAMERA! :D

After an overwhelming trip to B&H yesterday, I successfully made it out alive with some much-needed new photo equipment! :):) I had been using the same camera for the past 4 years now and it definitely ran its course, so I am feeling very re-energized and re-inspired about photography and the blawg right now!

I'm also going to start putting up more personal-style posts on here and blend the blog a little more between fashion & photography, so get ready! Gotta work at getting my power blog on ;P I also added some social media icons to the sidebar, so help a gurl out and follow me on instagram, twitter, tumblr, etc! (Facebook page to come soonish... once I get over my fear of making one :P) So anyway, sorry for the slow posts recently, but lots of fun things to come soon!

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