Sunday, September 15, 2013

358. Slouchy Sunday

Sounds glam, right?! It is, guys, it is.

Wearing: Colorfast Apparel striped Tee, Sparkle & Fade acid wash pants, black elevated sneakers, Free People pendant

Most people who have been around me long enough know that pants usually aren't a go-to for me, but for some reason I am super into these strange slouchy pant-things from Sparkle & Fade. I've always been secretly intrigued by the "boyfriend jeans" look, so I feel like this is my little step towards that. Semi-slouchy, semi-not...they are just strange enough to warrant a confused look from my brother when he saw me today--always a sure sign that it is going to be a Man Repeller day ;P And the sneakers are another favorite from Tokyo with the elevated soles, could not get enough of those guys over there !

1 comment:

  1. Amazing pants! Like perfect for Sunday, and lovin' the Man Repeller reference. Just bought her book, she's hilarious.