Wednesday, September 11, 2013

354. Old Campus Green

Wearing: Topshop sweater, BDG leather shorts, leather backpack, elevated black sneakers, American Apparel Neon Yellow nail polish 

Some Tokyo-inspired stuff happening here--I got the leather backpack in Harajuku after seeing so many cool girls rocking low-hanging backpacks, snapback hats, and chunky shoes. These black sneakers make me laugh because I can't tell if they are the coolest shoes I own or the ugliest :P They are another Tokyo purchase, from Shibuya 109. And while I love me some dreamy pastels, this forest green & neon yellow graphic sweater is definitely a new favorite, from Topshop NYC.


  1. Hey dear, that jacket is super cool and I adore your nail color. Its matching your look also very nice hair you have.

    Hugs from

  2. You're amazing in this look!! Love all of it, including the sweet kicks!!