Sunday, June 3, 2012

151. Dreamy NYC

Sequin shorts in Washington Square Park, afternoon barbecues in the East Village, & midnight rooftops on the West Side!


  1. Love, love, love these pixx and the sequin shorts and the RAC remix! Where can I find myself a pair, I need them in my closet ASAP!?

    Realistically one day I just need to go shopping with you because your wardrobe is fabbbuu <3 A girl can dream!

    1. Thank you!! Sequin shorts are from the almighty Topshop :) And seriously, how great is ANY rac remix?! So in luuurve. And shopping together one day somehow somewhere is a must! xx

  2. fabulous shots, especially in front of the fountain. so much summer whimsy! do you edit your photos with analog? they have this lovely dreamy quality to them :)