Wednesday, June 20, 2012

161. Wildfox: Star Crossed Lovers

Oh mygod. I actually gasped when I saw this and said "ohmygod" multiple times out loud....still saying it in fact: Wildfox just released their Fall '12 campaign photos and the concept is based off of BAZ LUHRMANN'S 1996 ROMEO + JULIET.!!! Total cliche Leo-loving R+J fanatic-girl moment right now but I don't even care because this is the best news EVER!!(@#&!!

I am shamelessly obsessed with R+J--the play, the movie, everything. After I read the play and watched the movie for the first time, I forced my brother to read the entire thing out loud with me splitting the characters between the two of us (it took 3+ hours), I ordered a replica of their wedding ring online from some obscure Australian website (then obvi lost it bc I lose everything), and I made poster-collages about the movie with my friends when they came over. I even made a gingerbread house one Christmas of the balcony scene and printed out pictures of Leo and Claire Danes and put them on it...........

So basically this is hugely exciting to me and I cannot WAITTT for the clothes to come out so I can wear things that are related both to Wildfox AND R+J at the same time!!! The concept for the campaign is that Romeo and Juliet actually ended up surviving(!) and they escaped to take a dreamy road-trip through Italy together. Perfectly whimsical and Wildfoxy!

(Look at this shirt!!!!! I can't even.)
WOW do I hope they made an accompanying campaign video for this...!!
Definitely check out their website for all of the campaign pictures!

Aaand, just because... ;)
(..what.... ;) hehe)


  1. PROPS TO WILDFOX CAUSE THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!!!! Ugh thanks for sharing, I'm so in love... all hail Kimberly and Emily, Wildfox will never disappoint or let me down. How cute is that Capulet suitcase!?

    I'm seriously right there with ya as far as the never-ending R+J obsession goes. That gingerbread house is adorable, CLARE + LEO FOR LIFFFEEEE!

  2. I KNOWWWW RIIGHTHT?!?! r+j 4 evvaaaaa! kimberly + emily 4 evaaa! so glad you understand as per usual<333