Monday, June 11, 2012

156. Mrs. Robinson

Watched The Graduate for the first time tonight and oh myyygoosh Katharine Ross is so beautiful! Loved her 60s long eyelashes and half-up full brown hair. So glad to finally see the iconically ambiguous ending, too, which I really really loved. One review I read said that the bus scene was supposedly improvised and that the only direction the actors were given was to stay in character. I tried looking around to confirm that but haven't been able to yet...I would love it if that were true, though!

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  1. Hey there! I know I'm really late commenting on this but just stumbled across you blog. Unfortunately I can no longer find it online, but in his Inside the Actor's Studio interview, the director Mike Nichols said that on the day they were shooting this scene they had blocked traffic to shoot it and were running short on time. Nichols was so annoyed and stressed out that he kind of yelled at Hoffman & Ross to "get on the damn bus and laugh" because he wanted it done in one take. So he said after they laugh on the bus, they stare straight ahead just scared of Nichols. And he realized that was the end of the film, these two young kids with their uncertain future ahead of them. Sorry can't provide the video!