Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2. Dusty Library

I have to admit this isn't my first attempt at blogging. I've tried to start up a few other sites but nothing ever really stuck.

I had a go at the whole tumblr craze, but felt very counterproductive reblogging 98% of the pictures I posted.

I made a Lookbook a couple years ago which has now been SERIOUSLY neglected, but I still like to think that one day I'll be more active with it.

My only semi-successes would be my photography website "Teenage Kicks" and my semester as a Style Guru at Collegefashionista.com. I am admittedly bad at updating my photo website with recent pictures, but it does give a quick overview of my hazy aesthetic!

I only wrote for CollegeFashionista.com for one semester, but I had so much fun indulging in my inner street-photographer every time I had an assignment. And I kicked off Yale's CollegeFashionista presence as its first ever Style Guru!

I think why I was never able to keep at any of these blogs is because they were all too specific. A blog just for fashion posts, a blog just for photographs. I'm hoping here to tie the loose ends of all my previous attempts and find a balance between original posts and outside inspirations. We'll see how far it gets me this time!

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