Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4. Glass in the Park


June was about taking a chance. When most of my friends started their various (and impressive!) summer internships, I started classes at the New York Film Academy for the "4-Week Acting for Film" class. I don't think I've acted since the 5th grade when I was The Dutchess in "Alice and Wonderland" (still questionable if that is even a real character), but I've always been secretly intrigued.

NYFA, or "knife-a" as they pronounced it (..scary..), turned out to be even more fun than I thought it would be. Improv, monologue, Shakespeare, scene study, acting technique, audition technique, and voice/movement were only some of the many classes we took. And when we didn't have classes, we were collaborating with the 4-Week/6-Week Filmmaking sections to help with their short films. 
Screen shots from some projects:

 Hopefully more to come soon, too. I'm dying to see the fairytale-inspired short we made in Central Park finding monsters under bridges!

I learned so much from the program and now have the biggest respect for actors. You're so vulnerable when you put yourself out there like that, but that's what makes acting just as rewarding as it is challenging. I definitely have A LOT to learn. I'm hoping to get involved in some of the theater productions back at school, too, to keep at it! It was bittersweet finishing the program because I was so sad to leave my fellow Section B classmates, but also crazy excited to go to PARIS! 

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