Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3. Shyness

Time to play catch-up on the past few months before I can even get to the present (and Paris!).


May was about rediscovering New York City with some very-missed friends. 
Late night Veselka soup stops, Ging & the Great Lawn, discovering the Christmas-y heaven that is chai tea lattes, smartie overloads and downtown adventures.

I made a short video of the various clips I took throughout the month, too: 

I named it "Shyness" since that's the name of the song, but I do think that it even works beyond that. I think of the shyness when you first meet someone--the tentative, hopeful, innocent excitement. This summer I felt like I was meeting New York again for the first time. There's something so genuine about shyness that makes it endearing.

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