Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5. Paris When it Sizzles

Finally catching up to the present...


July has been all about PARIS! Since July 2nd, I've been living in Paris and taking the class "Paris and the Cinema" for credit back at school. The class is only two days a week which leaves AMPLE time for the proper exploring (and picture taking!). 

Whenever I go on any vacation, I need to have some sort of inspiration for it in the back of my mind--whether it be a movie, song, picture or person. For Paris, there's no better inspiration than Sofia Coppola's tooth-achingly sweet commercial for Miss Dior Cherie:

I will never tire of that commercial. The Rococo colors and fairytale images played to Brigitte Bardot's voice make for the perfect 46 seconds.

Between going to museums, picnicing in gardens, sitting by the Seine, and eating infinite macaroons, I am definitely finding Paris to be the ultimate artist's playground.


  1. ahh lucky! paris is so beautiful :) and croissants and macarons.. what else can you ask for?

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  2. lovely photos!! I want to go!! (: